OAuth 2.0 is an authorization framework that allows applications to gain access to an API. This access is granted with the consent of the user whose information is protected by the API. Once granted, the application can the use the API to create and modify data that the user has permitted the application to access.

OAuth2orize is a toolkit for building OAuth 2.0 servers. OAuth2orize provides Express middleware used to implement OAuth 2.0 endpoints. These endpoints allow applications to request authorization and obtain tokens. Additionally, OAuth2orize provides a pluggable suite of grants and exchanges which correspond to the extensible set of authorization grants defined by OAuth 2.0.

This guide provides an overview of OAuth 2.0. As a framework, OAuth 2.0 is highly extensible with many optional components, leaving numerous implementation details to the developer. This guide focuses on the fundamental and most commonly used aspects of OAuth 2.0. By reading this guide, you will gain an understanding of how OAuth 2.0 works, and how to use OAuth2orize to build a functional OAuth 2.0 server.